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Fifty Words Or Less is a new Biz Buzz feature in which experts from around the world chime in with bite-sized bits of advice related to media relations, marketing, business management, start-ups, event planning and social media. New contributors are always welcome. Just send your business tip, along with a one-line bio in the body of an email to

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From the Desk of Donna Marie Thompson, PhD. (Expert Profit Solutions):

To get started on your action plan you can use planning software, calendaring, worksheets, your phone, whiteboards, or any other tools that work for you. The main actions are to: Lay out the tasks, be specific, set objective criteria, assign dates and assign resources.

Bio: Donna Marie Thompson, PhD is a Small Business Profitability Expert and Founder of Expert Profit Solutions. Website:


From the Desk of Barry Maher (Barry Maher and Associates):

Developing great employees requires an investment. On the other hand, focusing on cutting costs and squeezing employees like a tube of toothpaste can drive up short term profits. Temporarily.  In most cases however, the actual cost of neglecting employee development soon dwarfs the potential savings.

Bio: Barry Maher speaks, writes and consults on leadership, communication, management and sales. Website:


From the Desk Bill (William) Deane (Investigative journalist and author):

Management is responsible for clear, concise communications with employees. Subordinates are invariably willing to carry out their assignments. Those “dumb” mistakes can be traced right back to the boss who was too busy to thoroughly explain the How and What…And the Why makes the worker a team member.

Bio: Bill Deane is presently an investigative journalist and author of a CIA expose, “Smooth Criminal, a One Man American Crime Wave.” The former manager of major market news departments blogs daily on


From the Desk of Donna Marie Thompson (The Expert Profit Solution):

As a successful small business owner, you know that there are lots of moving parts, some seen and many more unseen. How are you coping in these critical management areas: Leadership Analysis, Performance Management, Competitive Analysis, and Productivity Management? There are powerful yet simple tools available to address your priorities.

Bio: Donna Marie Thompson, PhD, is the creator of The Expert Profit Solution for small business owners. Website:


From the Desk of Kimberly Rath (Talent Plus):

Successful business strategies can only come if you begin by hiring the best. The only sustainable resource is people. When you select the most talented people, invest in them and develop their talents you have a recipe for not only short term success, but longevity in your organization.

Bio: Kimberly Rath is the President and founding member of Talent Plus, a global human resources firm servicing over two hundred clients in twenty countries and delivering interviews and assessments in more than twenty languages. Website:


From the Desk of Donna Marie Thompson (Goals in Action, LLC):

Boost profits in your small business by stopping persistent money leaks. Any business can take advantage of business analytics with a few simple numbers. Your costs are the place to begin. Just where does the money go? Your financial intelligence and your profit margins are directly linked to your profitability.

Bio: Donna Marie Thompson, PhD, is the creator of The Expert Profit Solution for small business owners. Website:



From the Desk of Amandah Blackwell (Savvy-Writer):

Planning an event is not a solo endeavor. You’ll want to assemble an all-star team, e.g., photographer and videographer. Consult your marketing department and brainstorm for event theme ideas. Crunch the numbers and stay on budget. Work together and put on an event that people will speak about for years.

Bio: Amandah Blackwell is the owner of Savvy-Writer and provides content writing and marketing and social media management to small businesses. First-rate writing, marketing (online and offline), and social media management that produce the results you want for your bottom line.


From the Desk of Diane Conklin (Complete Marketing Systems):

One of the keys to planning a successful event is to negotiate the right deal with the hotel or venue. There are ways for you to save money and even make money just from the venue you choose. Having checklists and good lead times will help your events as well.

Bio: Diane Conklin of Complete Marketing Systems has been involved in numerous events grossing over a million dollars several times in her career. Website:



From the Desk of Nicole Elmore (Nicole Elmore, LLC):

Being successful is a matter of building a solid foundation. Taking the time to create a business strategy with a clear vision and goals to center all business operations and decision on is essential and will lead to consistent brand identity and revenue maximization.

Bio: Nicole Elmore is a Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist providing existing small businesses with a strategic evaluation and key insights on how to minimize their costs, grow their revenues, and improve their brand identity and providing entrepreneurs with valuable coaching on how to successfully start their own business. Website:


From the Desk of Dana Flannery (Talk About Creative):

Small business shouldn’t pay for monthly SEO. Spam links equal Google penalties.  You needn’t be number 1 for everything, just for your thing. Get a good copywriter who’ll find you good keywords.  Create exceptional content.  Share it via guest blogging and networking.  Bam, page 1, no more to pay. 

Dana Flannery is the Owner and Creative Director at Talk About Creative. She specialises in quality content marketing where the links grow over time, not disappear.  Perfect for small business quality over quantity! Website:


From the Desk of Vasco de Sousa (Ptara, Ltd.):

Woody Allen said that half the job is showing up.  My experience proves it. I was writing a screenplay, when a director needed someone urgently for a corporate shoot.  My hot-desk was right outside his office, so I got the job. Show interest and be available.

Bio: Vasco de Sousa, Director of Ptara, Ltd. is currently in pre-production of a film called Dara Says. Website:


From the Desk of Paige Arnof-Fenn (Mavens & Moguls):

Great marketing is about motivating your customers to buy more of your products and services it is not about winning awards or creating buzz or attracting more eyeballs or clicks unless they are buying too. Educating, informing and entertaining are good but selling is what really counts. Marketing drives sales!

Bio:  Founder & CEO of Mavens & Moguls, a global marketing strategy firm serving clients from startup to Fortune 500 on all of their marketing needs. Website:


From the Desk of Anne Miller (Chiron Associates, Inc.):

Marketing your services without a metaphor is like driving a Ferrari without gas. You won’t get very far. Prospects get lost in descriptions of similar sounding services, but images resonate forever and distinguish you from the crowd. Think Prudential’s Rock of Gibralter, Corning’s Gorilla Glass, or Nike’s swish.

Bio:  Anne Miller, communication specialist, is the author of “The Tall Lady With the Iceberg: the power of metaphors to sell, persuade & explain anything to anyone.” Website:


From the Desk of Tiffani Montgomery (Smith Dollar PC):

Whether you are a small business, non-profit or fortune 500 company, your employees are your brand ambassadors. Think of your receptionist as the director of first impressions. The receptionist is the first person to have contact with your client or potential client. What impression do you want them to make?

Bio: Tiffani Montgomery is the marketing coordinator for Smith Dollar PC, a premier woman-owned real estate and financial services law firm providing legal services to individuals and businesses nationwide. Website:


From the Desk of Seena Sharp (Sharp Market Intelligence):

Learn before you burn. These are the good new days IF – you recognize that today’s opportunities are not the same as yesterday. Sales and marketing success are more robust when based on market intelligence that’s current, objective, relevant, accurate and sufficient. Due diligence is the key driver of competitive advantage.

Bio: Seena Sharp, Managing Director of Sharp Market Intelligence, is an expert in uncovering unknown and emerging opportunities and threats – on products, services, companies, and trends. Website:


From the Desk of Sandy Weaver Carman (VoiceWork on Demand, Inc.):

Make your work do double- and triple-duty. Take blog posts and turn them into podcasts and videos. Organize your blog posts into ebooks, which should then become audio books. As long as you’re producing marketing material, use that same material in as many ways as possible for maximum revenue.

Bio: We partner with writers, speakers, trainers and coaches, taking work they’ve already done and turning it into a revenue river! Website:


From the Desk of Meredith Liepelt (Rich Life Marketing)

Don’t just say you’re an expert. Prove it. Write articles, give a speech, learn how to get publicity, share client success stories, create video tips, write a book , create a product, share your expertise freely on social media, have an attractive web presence, pay attention to your personal brand.

Bio: Meredith Liepelt, branding strategist, helps entrepreneurs to step into the spotlight and be unforgettable to their audience by creating differentiating branding, web sites and expert status. Website:


From the Desk of: Alfred Poor (The Center for Small Business):

What’s the most leveraged marketing tool available? Online video; nothing else comes close. It can require almost no time or money. It can move your page to the top of a Google search in one day. It increases visitor time and responses. Do it today.

Bio: Alfred Poor from The Center for Small Business is a speaker and the author of “Power Marketing for Small Business: How to boost sales with Low-Cost Video.” Website:;



From the Desk of Bridgette Outten (The Write Vision Group, Inc.):

Reporters aren’t interested in just a fundraiser or what’s on sale for a story. Stories must appeal to their audience, to inform, educate or entertain. So if everybody else has a fundraiser or a sale, figure out how you’re different – and how it benefits people – then pitch.

Bio: A journalist by nature and a publicity strategist by trade, Bridgette Outten works with clients by pitching their stories from a reporter’s perspective. Website:


From the Desk of Kristin Marquet (Marquet Media)

Don’t send out blanketed pitches to generate media awareness. Targeted, specific pitches do the job.

Bio: Kristin Marquet is the owner of a digital public relations and marketing firm, Marquet Media, LLC.  Website:


From the Desk of John Goodman (John Goodman Public Relations):

Only deal with clients who have interesting stories the media will care about. Every client says they’re breakthrough or offers a service better than others. The smart PR executive needs to cut through the rhetoric. If the client’s story won’t sell with the media, it’s not worth it.

John Goodman is the Chief Worker Bee at John Goodman Public Relations in Tuckahoe, NY. Website:


From the Desk of Roshanda Pratt (REP Communications Network):

My advice is to become a source for the media. Deadlines and other dynamics have made newsgathering more of a challenge. Think outside your scope, think larger than you and you instantly become an authority and earn FREE publicity too.

Bio: Roshanda Pratt is the owner of REP Communications Network where she helps businesses build their REPutation on air and online. Website:


From the Desk of Melissa Matthews (MAM):

A huge part of building trust is being endorsed, reviewed and/or partnered with brands that your target audience already trusts. Reach out to bloggers who service your audience, join forces with people and businesses that have similar values to those of your business.

Bio: Melissa A. Matthews (MAM), ‘artpreneur’, author, and blogger is sole proprietor of the catch-all art company and consultancy MAMLTDART Brand. Website:


From the Desk of Brian Basilico (B2b Interactive Marketing, Inc.):

How many times have you gone to a meeting and forgotten business cards? Keep a High Res JPEG of your card on your cell phone and email it to the person you are networking with. It gives them something to look forward to and you get their email address!

Bio: Brian Basilico is a nationally recognized author and speaker (and a self professed geek). Website:



From the Desk of Suzanne Strisower (Your Next Step Coach):

For people in transition and wanting to make a “successful career change,” I recommend your life purpose as a starting point – to know what you came here to do, your personal preferences, skills, talents and inner calling, when properly put together will give you an inspiring career and fulfillment.

Bio: Suzanne Strisower is a Life Purpose Expert and certified Life and Career Coach who helps professionals in transition use their life purpose and expertise in their next career or start up. Website:


From the Desk of Jill Melton (Strategies for Living Unlimited):

Reinvent yourself today. Bigger, better, more!

Bio: With seven careers, Jill is “ajillity.” Website:


From the Desk of Wendy Oliveras (Oliveras & Company, Inc.):

Learn to play chess! I have learned my success is attributable to developing my intellectual weaponry. I play chess for fun and take advantage of the chess-playing skills inherent in this fascinating board game. I successfully transfer those problem-solving skills into my daily activities, as well as business development.

Bio: Wendy Oliveras, Founder & CEO, Oliveras & Company, Inc., is Latina entrepreneur and author who Empowers Women from Pawn to Queen. Website:



From the Desk of Donna Marie Thompson (Expert Profit Solutions)

To all small business owners looking to discover their hidden profit potential in just 30 minutes: Uncover them now. You can do this with these powerful tools: Product Analysis, Service Analysis, Customer Analysis, Profit Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Process Analysis and Systems Analysis.

Bio: Donna Marie Thompson, PhD, is the creator of The Expert Profit Solution for small business owners. Website:


From the Desk of Linda Oien (businessPATHS):

Employers: Value your employees as much as you do your customers. With the many challenges businesses face, it is vital to recognize your employees are your most valuable asset. It is through them that customers are served, products and services are delivered and performance is achieved.

Bio: Linda Oien is Founder of businessPATHS consulting, speaker and author of “power10” LEADERSHIP. Website:



From the Desk of Ben Bradshaw (SponsoredLinX)

Your company’s social media policy must ensure the well-being of your employees and your business. It must stretch from managing behaviour and etiquette of individuals, to covering the business and protecting your staff from potential HR issues. Get a policy in place and save your business from any potential catastrophes.

Bio: Ben Bradshaw is a social media expert, author, and founder and CEO of SponsoredLinX – Australia’s largest search marketing company


From the Desk of James Lewis (The Pantheon Collective):

Think of social media as a virtual channel that cuts six degrees of separation between an entrepreneur and customer to one degree, not as a “Buy Me” public announcement system. Customers are more interested in an organic connection with a business than being force-fed new products all day.

Bio: James W. Lewis is an award-winning novelist and managing partner of The Pantheon Collective, an independent publishing company. Website:


From the Desk of Laurie Morse-Dell (

To effectively use social media as a promotional tool you need to do three things. Use social media sites that your target audience uses. Provide quality content of value or interest to your target audience. Post on a regular basis and respond to followers in a timely manner.

Bio: Laurie Morse-Dell is a Social Media Coach, Strategic Marketer, Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur focused on helping women achieve their career goals through online tools like social media. Website:


From the Desk of Helen Maxwell (Helen Maxwell Consulting):

Social Media is just that – social. Be yourself. People want to interact with you. Never forget that you are representing the brand though – so drunken Saturday night photos might be a step too far!

Bio: Helen Maxwell is a Social Media Geek & Copywriter Extraordinaire. Find her at


From the Desk of Chris Campbell (Review Trackers):

Managing online reviews is a critical social media component of business. Reviews significantly influence consumer behavior, with 92 percent of buyers checking reviews before making a purchase. Putting effort into your online reputation, listening and responding to what your customers are saying, is vital to your business’ success.

Bio: Chris Campbell is an experienced entrepreneur with 6+ years in digital marketing, and the Chief Tracking Officer at Review Trackers, a simple yet powerful online review monitoring platform for small businesses. Website:


From the Desk of Brian Basilico (B2b Interactive Marketing, Inc.):

When at networking events or meetings, always try to take a picture and share it on your social networking. On Facebook, it’s a good idea to tag your friends. That way, they get acknowledged and alerted to your picture, and you have a better chance of that post being shared.

Bio: Brian Basilico is a nationally recognized strategist and speaker on Social Media, Internet Marketing and Google. Website:


From the Desk of Rasheen Carbin (MBA Project Search)

Listen to what people are saying. Use tools like HootSuite and TweetDeck to monitor conversations about your brand or product. Don’t just blurt things out. Twitter is a conversation, not a shouting match.

Bio: Rasheen Carbin is the Director of Business Development for MBA Project Search. Website:



From the Desk of Jennifer Martin (Zest Business Consulting):

Thinking about starting a business? Don’t let the fears of others stop you. Someone else can’t tell you what’s possible for you to achieve. Only you know the truth. The impossible is possible, miracles do happen, and someone is waiting now for what you have to offer.

Bio: Jennifer Martin is the owner of Zest Business Consulting. She helps small business owners worldwide build balanced and soul-satisfying lives and businesses that thrive! Website:


From the Desk of Gary Christensen (Christensen’s Delivery Service):

With my own vehicle, I thought I’d offer a delivery service to others. Got business cards printed and visited local companies, letting them know I do local deliveries. I got one contract, then another, and after six years I still do deliveries for those first two companies!

Bio: Gary Christensen started his own delivery business from scratch in 2007, and he recommends others do just what he did. Website:


From the Desk of Leslie Wolff (Smart Marketing Group):

Follow this “Rule of Marketing Opportunity”:  Every business in every industry tends to operate as everyone else in their industry does, until someone takes a magnifying glass and closely examines the “Sameness Factors” or common denominators of the industry and in doing so will always find overlooked opportunities.

Bio: Les Wolff is CEO of the Smart Marketing Group. A marketing veteran with an “outside the box” thinking approach for clients large and small. Website:


From the Desk of Ruth King (Business Ventures Corporation):

Calculate your overhead cost per hour and net profit per hour. Once these figures are known you know where you must price your products and whether your market can afford them. If not, you need to find other markets.

Bio: Ruth King, Profit Master at Business Ventures Corporation, has started 7 businesses and helped businesses reinvent themselves. The worst one had a negative $400,000 net worth when we began. They are profitable today. Website:


From the Desk of Carolyn Finch (Electrific Solutions Inc.):

First spend some time and money and do a verbal study and survey to see if your business is needed and wanted in the area you have in mind. Work with SCORE, get an accountant and lawyer, have $50,000.00 in the bank, excellent health and a passion for work.

Bio: Carolyn Finch has run businesses for over 50 years and is currently a motivational speaker on body language for Electrific Solutions, Inc. Website:


From the Desk of Jennifer Reuting (DocRun):

Be sure to find your product-market fit before hiring and going full-steam ahead.  This includes conducting qualitative analysis to identify your target demographic and their needs.

Bio: Jennifer Reuting is a small business and corporate structuring expert, and author of the best-selling, “LLCs For Dummies.” She’s previously founded and, and is now working on her newest venture:


From the Desk of Jodi Pliszka (Pliszka’s Adventures):

Be committed to your cause 100%. Be prepared to live the life of your business for the first five years or longer. Remember, it does take money to make money, but it takes a really well laid out plan and a lot of time to be successful, as well.

Bio: Jodi Pliszka, M.S. Winner of 2012 Enterprising Woman of the Year Award, the world’s leading SOLUTIONOLOGIST®, President/CEO and  Inventor of HEADLINE IT! ® No Sweat liners, Award Winning Author, Clinical Therapist. Website:


From the Desk of Arnold Sanow (Author, Speaker):

The only way to differentiate yourself and become less of a commodity in the marketplace is through excellent customer service. Make sure every meeting, interaction and transaction is positive, memorable and special by providing every customer with sincere appreciation, attention and by exceeding expectations.

Bio: Arnold Sanow is a professional speaker and author of “Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.” Website:


From the Desk of Bob O’Hare (Performance Improvement Technologies, Inc.):

Because email overload wastes an enormous amount of productive time, and the Smartphone is often intrusive, the new business has to optimize email communications, reducing quantity and improving quality. New le aders, together, must design maximize interpersonal communications design: email behavior in context with face-to-face dialogue, texting and the telephone.

Bio: Bob O’Hare is a corporate consultant who saw email overload first-hand. He developed a better way for individuals to manage email communications and wrote Unload Email Overload. Website:


From the Desk of Benson Simmonds (Actor, Author, Motivator):

Determine what you love about your product, what makes it unique and why (and which) people need it. Become an authority and share lots of free info. Do contests, think out of the box and know what problem you are solving for your customers and make the whole process FUN!

Bio: Benson Simmonds is the creator of the #1 90-minute audition video for actors, performers and public speakers with sales worldwide. Website:


From the Desk of Bill Loeber (Hewlett-Packard):

The most common mistake I see made by entepreneurs is to invent their product first, fall in love with it, then see if people really want it. That’s backwards. Spend more time determining if there’s a need (a “hole in the market”), then develop your product to meet the need.

Bio: Bill Loeber is 30-year veteran of corporate America as well as start-up environment. Founded in 2006. “Have learned from my mistakes and failures and willing to share. I wish I had know someone like me at various junctures in my life!”


Alexandra Chauran (

Instead of telling people what you do, tell people what you can directly offer as a life improvement. The world of ads is saturated with announcements of services and goods provided. Sell results instead.

Bio: Alexandra Chauran owns a small business that reinvented fortune telling for the modern world. Website:


From the Desk of Michael Kawula (MyJobsIt):

Your product or service is not a business until you have paying customers. Bootstrap your business early on and get your product or service to market as professionally and fast as possible. Get feedback, adjust and focus on your customer clearly. Success comes at the moment you don’t quit!

Bio: Michael Kawula is the founder of MyJobsIt which interviews everyday small business owners to share how they started to help others looking to open a business. Website:


From the Desk of Diane Conklin (Complete Marketing Systems):

When you’re starting your business you should hire a coach who can lead and direct you and save you time and money. Invest in yourself and it will pay off in handsome dividends later in your business.

Bio: Diane Conklin has 15 years in business helping others grow their businesses. Website:


From the Desk of Milan Lazich (Jill Milan LLC):

If you don’t have a backup, you don’t have a plan. Things go wrong – products don’t work the first time, burn rate runs higher than you thought, etc. It’s what you do NEXT that matters. So prepare for potential problems and be ready for those you didn’t see coming.

Bio: Milan Lazich is a marketing executive with progressive experience in technology and consumer products — from startups to public companies — who served on executive teams through two Silicon Valley IPOs and a subsequent strategic acquisition and is now launching a venture in luxury consumer products. Website:


From the Desk of Matthew Smith (Longacre Leadership):

Keep many irons in the fire. Going full boar into one site is tempting, but it’s a bad long-term solution—like an investment portfolio. Regularly add and remove sites from your “portfolio”. If Pinterest blows up, you’re well positioned to capitalize. But if it dies out, no big deal.

Bio: Matthew Smith is a director of Longacre Leadership, a summer program for teens with a MiniCamp for tweens, rated Top 10 in the country by Website:


From the Desk of Leonard Scott (Leonard Scott & Company):

Make certain you have some business from persons or companies in your business network before you start up and make certain you start up at the beginning of a business cycle rather than at the end.

Bio: Leonard Scott, President of Leonard Scott & Company, has successfully operated a human resources/executive search consulting practice for the past 38 years having Fortune 500 clients as well as many start up companies. Website:


From the Desk of Bill Humbert (

Remember – Recruiting is a Sales Process not an HR process.

Bio: Bill Humbert, owner of, is a professional recruitment consultant with recruitment experience since 1981. Website:


From the Desk of Alan Allard (Genius Dynamics, Inc.):

To reinvent your business, you have to first REINVENT YOURSELF. Your business is where it is primarily because of you – to change your business results means you have to change first. You can’t reinvent your business if you remain the same. Reinvent yourself first.

Bio:  Alan Allard enables business owners and corporate executives to unleash hidden potential and profit. Website:


From the Desk of John Hurley (SmartFile):

Don’t just embrace change; rather, instill it into the fabric of your culture. An agile mindset allows you to aggressively play offense and defense in the ever-changing business world. Hire the right people to do the right thing at the right time and then trust them.

Bio: John Hurley, President and Co-Founder of SmartFile, has over 15 years of Internet software and leadership experience and has played a pivotal role in the success of companies such as Exact Target, WebExcellence and now SmartFile. Website:


From the Desk of Ellen Rohr (Bare Bones Biz):

Put a simple Biz Plan together. Take action. Measure results…and adjust the Plan. Repeat. Set goals for the joy of the creative process, for the money, for the fun…and don’t get your panties in a knot when things don’t go according to plan. That is where the stories come from.

Bio: Bare Bones Biz, Inc. President Ellen Rohr is a Small Business Expert who helps entrepreneurs start, fix and grow their own profitable businesses. Website:


From the Desk of Kreigh Knerr (Knerr Learning Center):

Echoing the oracle at Delphi: ‘Know thyself.’ Know your company’s initial limitations and potential, so you can grow in areas expected and surprising—and decide which contracts, however lucrative, would cause distractions. Know your individual strengths so you can hire or contract with people who complement, not replicate, those strengths.

Bio: Kreigh Knerr is the director of Knerr Learning Center, a boutique educational consulting firm, and the founder of QuotEd, a literacy-focused, educational app development company. Website:


From the Desk of David Bird (Online Entrepreneur):

“Flexibility and determination are a powerful combination of personal assets. Be prepared to work without reward for a long time. Start-ups are an emotional roller-coaster and you have to be able to detach yourself and focus. Be flexible when something just isn’t working and ready to adapt when things change.”

Bio: David Bird is an online entrepreneur with a number of websites including, a ‘whole of market’ mortgage broker offering independent expert advice.


From the Desk of Stefan Russel (Vilondo Villas):

Offer others your expertise for free. I am not saying you should give away your core product or services for free, but being helpful is the perfect way to build great connections. It feels good and you’ll be amazed how much you get in return without ever asking for it.

Stefan Russel is Co-Founder of Vilondo Villas, a company that rents out luxury villas in Bali. Website:


From the Desk of Vannessa Wade (Connect the Dots PR):

Don’t be afraid to start small. You can start your business with just two clients that need your service. Focus on doing your job well and creating a buzz for them and watch business bloom overtime. You are not in a race. Relax and build.

Bio: Vannessa Wade specializes in public relations and community development programming for nonprofit organizations and corporate businesses. Website:


From the Desk of Chuck Gordon (

1) Fail quickly. Decisions will never be easy but you need to make them quickly or else nothing will ever get done. 2) Focus on your team. Getting the right people on the bus and keeping them happy is the most important thing you can do.

Bio: Chuck Gordon is the CEO and co-founder of; along with Mario Feghali, he started the company as a person-to-person storage website that has since grown into the world’s largest and simplest online marketplace for self-storage. Website:


From the Desk of Christina Daves (CastMedic Designs):

Be flexible! As a start-up things may change and the path may deviate but be amenable to that. Don’t force yourself to stay on the initial path if another path can bring better results.

Bio: Christina Daves is the founder of CastMedic Designs which designs and manufactures MediFashions to help the injured look and heal their best and experience, The Healing Power of Fashion®! Website:


From the Desk of Lee Drozak (My Office Assistant):

When starting a business, get clear on your ideal customer before anything else. This will help you focus your plans and goals based on who you can and want to help. This will help you with your business plan, marketing plan and web presence.

Bio: Lee Drozak, Owner of My Office Assistant, provides business and administrative consulting to small business owners and teaches them to work smarter and work different. Website:

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