Whether your passion is selling designer cupcakes, finding your clients the perfect home, providing consulting services or running your own salon, every business owner has a “been there/done that” story about how the journey began and what keeps it viable in today’s competitive marketplace.

This is the spot to share those stories.

If you’d like to give your company a turn in the media spotlight with a feature interview, drop me an email at authorhamlett@cs.com with the subject line “I want to be part of The Biz Buzz” and let’s get the conversation started.    – Christina Hamlett, Editor


Typewriter keysAre you a business expert with savvy advice to share? Become a guest contributor to “Fifty Words Or Less.”



What is it that every business owner wants and needs but doesn’t always know how to get…and keep? Attracting – and maximizing – great PR opportunities for you, your idea and your organization is as much an art as it is a science if you want to sparkle in the spotlight. Media Magnetism is a must-have book covering all aspects of today’s media relations. Within its pages, two dozen industry experts offer “been there/done that” tips, resources and guidelines on how to:

  • Make influential connections
  • Become sound-bite savvy
  • Endear yourself to reporters
  • Survive awkward moments
  • Manage a cost-effective PR campaign

Learn more at www.mediamagnetism.org.


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Flo Selfman says:

    This is terrific, Christina. As one of your MEDIA MAGNETISM faculty of writer contributors, I look forward to reading the interviews. This site will be a font of valuable information to businesses large and small.

  2. AWESOME! Very exciting and looking forward to all we will learn and experience!

  3. You’ve gotten awesome information listed here.

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